Announcing our KICKSTARTER campaign! 22 days left!

Artists for Animals may seem like just a once-per-year event but we’re busy saving dogs and planning ALL YEAR LONG.  And with the new KICKSTARTER Campaign we’re even busier!

In a few weeks our visits to the classrooms at Booker T Washington School for the Arts start up again with the new school year — that means more beautiful relationships being created between students and their “models” and more beautiful artwork. But wait, there’s MORE!  Here’s the video explaining our expansion:

We’re reaching out to more people with larger, better venues and more concert dates — but we need your help!

artists for animals


  1. This is a fabulous endeavor – I heard about you on the radio and I am so glad that I did. Animals are my lifeline – Thank you for helping them live and find more respect.


  2. Thank you for all you are doing for these precious animals! Wish you would conduct a performance outside when the weather is better. More people could come generating more $$ and less expense.


    1. Many instruments (including the oboe) are not used in outdoor performances because of their sensitivity to temperature and humidity. Since our concerts are mainly classical, we have not been able to find an outdoor concert solution. Not to mention the crazy Texas weather! But thanks for your comment!


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